Sel artisanal de Noirmoutier


Karine et Sébastien welcome you to the heart of Noirmoutier Island. Handcrafted harvest  of coarse salt and fleur de sel.


From harvest to packaging, no machine comes into play. All the work is done by hand and as respectfully as possible in our environment.


The salt marsh is in the middle of a protected natural area, every day the salt worker works in the company of remarkable fauna and flora. The harvest is entirely conditioned by the elements, seasonality punctuates the life of the saline.

Respect for the product

To best preserve the trace elements present in our crystals, artisanal salt remains raw: it undergoes no washing, no treatment, no addition (anti-caking agent, fluorine, iodine). A natural preservative, it will keep perfectly for several years.


Artisanal salt is harvested by salt workers using a method that dates back over a millennium. By using this artisanal salt, you are helping to maintain this heritage for future generations.


A company on a human scale, packaging and sales are also handled by the harvesters themselves, with great respect for the fruit of their labor from the harvest to your plate.


We tend to reduce plastic by offering alternative reusable and recyclable packaging such as linen or glass.

Harvest time video

Why choose artisanal sea salt ?

The natural mode of production and the artisanal method of harvesting bring to Atlantic salt a richness and a unique taste.
Its manual extraction process gives artisanal sea salt the benefits of the Atlantic Ocean, naturally rich in trace elements: calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese, zinc, iodine, fluorine ... elements essential for the proper functioning of our body .

Coarse salt will be used mainly for cooking: in cooking water, casseroles, crust cooking, smoking … but also for baths. Fleur de sel is a salt for the table, in your hot dish just before serving or directly on the plate, also for seasoning vinaigrettes, sauces, desserts (caramel …).